Parliament House

Looking for things to see in Canberra? Parliament House is just one of Canberra’s tourist attractions

Australia’s New Parliament House, a great Canberra tourist attraction, is open to the public to see our democracy at work. Both the House of Representatives and the Senate are available via the Public Galleries in the Chambers, when the Houses are in session. Parliament House is open all other days from 9am to 5pm except Christmas Day. Sitting Calendars are available from the Parliament House Website

There are 388 seats available for the public to attend in the House of Representatives and it is also possible to book tickets to attend Question Time in the House, which is generally held about 2pm each sitting day. There is no charge for this service and may be booked on the day. Mercure Canberra staff can assist you to arrange to view this fascinating event at one of Canberra’s great tourist attractions. Transport from Canberra Hotels is readily available and your accommodation house can assist you to get to and from Parliament House.

Canberra is not only the Nations Capital, but is also the Capital of the Australian Capital Territory. The ACT, which was formed to ensure that Sydney or Melbourne would not be favoured to become The Australian city is a territory unto itself and historically, creation of a new State to house a Nations Capital City, is very rare.

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All visitors to Canberra’s Parliament House are subject to security screening, so remember to not take items, similar to those that can be seized at airport screening.

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