Experience something a little different this Summer with our Hyper Real Package!

A levitating man, a genetically engineered baby, towering giants – welcome to humanity amplified. Featuring uncanny figures with painted silicon skin, glass eyes and human hair alongside cutting-edge digital art, Hyper Real provokes reflection, fascination, fear and joy. From eerily lifelike sculptures to out-of-this world virtual reality, this major exhibition charts the evolution of hyperrealism into the 21st century. A compelling chronicle of the cycles of life and our constant need for connection, Hyper Real explores the fundamental question: ‘what makes us human?’ Exclusive to Canberra, the NGA’s summer blockbuster Hyper Real is not to be missed.

Exhibition Dates:

20 October – 18 February 2018

Open daily, 10.00 am – 5.00 pm, closed Christmas Day

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Banner image is of the Inverso mundus 2015, Courtesy the artists, MAMM, Anna Schwartz Gallery and Triumph Gallery